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Recent projects

Digital Nature Exhibition @ Design Museum Den Bosch

My work 'Algorithmic Nudibranch' was included in the Digital Nature exhibition at the Design Museum in Den Bosch. Curated by Bao Yao Fei and produced in collaboration with DEMO festival, the exhibition is on display from October-January 2023.

“How to Wake up the Ghosts” – AI-generated film using CLIP+VQGAN

How to Wake Up the Ghosts is a project by Erik Peters and a collaboration between various artists about non-human intelligence and the ecological crisis. To support the soundscape and narrative, I created a 7-minute film using AI-generated images with CLIP+VQGAN and post-processing methods.

AI Ideation Cards [and 232% funded Kickstarter campaign]

The AI Ideation Card Deck helps designers, managers and innovators leverage AI capabilities available to us today for social, user & business value. It includes 24 colorful prompt cards with 100+ example use cases across 7 categories to use during brainstorm or ideation sessions.

“Crop outs” in collaboration with StyleGAN2-ADA-PyTorch

Inspired by Matisse's cut-outs series and in an attempt to generate images that surpass the quintessential GAN-aesthetic, I trained my own StyleGAN2-ADA model on a handpicked dataset of abstract prints with colorful minimal shapes and managed to make it all work with the PyTorch implementation.

Dictionary of Digital: Co-creating language for our digitally-induced feels

This project is a collaboration with Ocean Conijn and funded by Stimuleringsfonds Creatieve Industrie in which we host sessions and experiments to collaboratively question and articulate our emotional relationship with technology while exploring neologizing as a tool for dialogue.

Dreaming up imaginary landscapes with Runway ML & StyleGAN

Together with Nadia Domide, we used Runway ML to (re-)train our own StyleGAN model on scraped Google Earth Imagery and generated 250 beautiful imaginary landscapes.

Futures Design & United Nations 2050: Proposing a more-than-human parliament for post-anthropocene politics

Together with Viraj Joshi, we created “The Utopia Compass” proposing a more-than-human parliament for post-anthropocene politics in response to the UN & Design Futures open call on Futuring Peace.

E-book AI-Driven Design in collaboration with Adyen & AWWWARDS

I was invited to write a chapter as part of the series of e-books on AI-Driven Design in collaboration with Adyen & AWWWARDS and initiated by Joel van Bodegraven in which I zoom into 9 UI/UX Design Challenges in Machine Learning Products.

Analyzing data to help European airline minimize CO2 emissions on their flights

Working at Bit as a researcher, we married mixing qualitative and quantitative methods in researching variables that could be affected (relatively) easily and would have a positive impact on CO2 emissions.

Talk on AI Meets Design @ World Usability Day (WUD) Rome

A talk I did Design Thinking for AI at World Usability Day in Rome surrounding this year's theme 'design for the futures we want'.

Chatbot Research Assistant

This chatbot helped me interview designers about their views on AI/ML through Messenger to scale up my research scope and bring in more perspectives. It's hardly intelligent and follows a simple decision tree logic but people enjoyed its Cardi and Seinfeld GIFs.

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