Workshop w/ Forbes Ignite @ AI Summit NYC

URLnewyork.theaisummit.comSkillsWorkshop Facilitation, Workshop Design

Forbes Ignite is a consultancy that combines data analytics and design thinking to create better customer experiences.

Based on my work on the AI meets Design toolkit, CEO Nicole Cacal invited me to help design and facilitate their pilot CX Workshop for a small group of business executives at the AI Summit in New York.

Me and Nicole designed (remotely) and facilitated the workshop together.



In just 1h15 we took the participants through a rapid version of the CX canvas which is inspired by the design thinking process and Osterwalder’s business model canvas.

We ran another 5-hour version of a similar workshop later in the week for a client.


Workshop structure:

Introductions – Introducing facilitators, Forbes Ignite, and today’s workshop
Icebreaker – participants write down one question they’d like to ask and then exchange answers
Challenge – considering the context of the AI summit, we decided to redesign conference networking
User research – we asked participants to talk to people out in the conference for 10 mins about their experience (choose from visitors, speakers, or expos)
User insight – asking participants to define their persona (demographics, job, goal at the conference) and frame their user need as a POV (___ needs a way to ___ because ___)
HMW – translate POV into a HMW question to ask in ideation
Ideation – brainstorm ideas in duos freely and using the AI meets Design ideation cards as prompts
CX – develop ideas in more detail using the CX canvas defining the offering, resources, data needs, success metrics, and next steps for implementation