I joined Pi Campus in their hacknight on Adaptive UI. Following talks by Trond Wuellner (Director of Product Management @ Google), and Luba Elliot (AI researcher & curator), I provided a 15-minute introduction on AUI to kickstart the hack where 8 designer-engineer teams competed for the winning concept.

I was invited by @pi.campus.school to help facilitate hacking away at promise of Adaptive UI 👩🏼‍💻

The night kicked off with a talk by Trond Wuellner, Director of Product Management @ Google, and Luba Elliot, AI researcher & art curator.

After the hackathon challenge was introduced, I was asked to share some research. My goal was to pack as much info and inspiration to kickstart them with ideas, understanding, and save them the Googling in a 15-minute introduction on Adaptive UI. I shared some its potential value (e.g. for accessibility), its challenges (e.g. around consistency), and how it differs from adaptive behavior or personalized content.

8 groups of designers and engineers pitched their ideas, 4 groups prototyped them, 2 groups made an implementation plan considerate of ethical concerns and design challenges specific to adaptive interfaces, after which 1 team was the winner. Throughout the process, I was part of the jury and was helping out participants.

It was a great setting to lean about emerging design opportunities and see the concepts & prototypes we all developed in our high-paced design-engineering symbiosis.

You can view the slide deck here:

And some Tweets & photos here: