I was invited to speak on Design Thinking for AI at World Usability Day in Rome surrounding this year’s theme ‘design for the futures we want’.

This talk is an invitation to designers and innovators everywhere to get involved by leveraging the opportunities and navigating the challenges of AI to create human(ity)-centered applications and meaningful user experiences. We’ll start off with a crash course to AI and machine learning, followed by questioning the role of designers, exploring some of the design complexities, how to apply our designer skillsets to turn AI into user, social, and business value, and finally moving into an actionable overview of how we can use the familiar design (thinking) process to work with the less-familiar design material of AI. Let’s (discover, define, and) design preferable AI futures! – taken from the event website and talk description.


Here’s a selection of photos from the event:

You can view the slide deck here: