Joel van Bodegraven initiated a series of e-books on AI-Driven Design in collaboration with Adyen & AWWWARDS. Invited to write one of the chapters, I decided to zoom in on the UI/UX Design Challenges in Machine Learning Products.

Chapter IV: In collaboration with Nadia Piet, design strategist and researcher, presents research on designing Machine Learning Products, discusses the complexities of designing AI/ML interactions, considers how to design positive user/human experiences in algorithmic systems, and looks at the challenges faced regarding Trust & Transparency, User Autonomy & Control and Value Alignment, all supported with real life examples.

Based on my earlier research, I divided the challenges from my research over 3 major themes which became Trust & Transparency, User Autonomy & Control, and Value Alignment. Within each of these are specific UX/UI design challenges, strategies, and real-life examples.

The e-book is available to download here.

A small preview: