How to Wake Up the Ghosts is a project by Erik Peters about non-human intelligence and the ecological crisis. Various artists contributed to the installation from their craft. Lorena Solis Bravo helped write the script, the sculpture is designed by Erik and printed at 3d Robotprinting, the sound design is by Ymer Marinus and the voice-over by Bethany Andrzejak. 

To support the soundscape and narrative, I created a 7-minute film using AI-generated images. More specifically I created visual prompts based on the script and fed them into the recent VQGAN+CLIP model. I used the final frames as input for the next generation, and smoothened transitions and upscaled the video using post-processing methods.

The installation was created with support of Fiber Festival and exhibited at Tetem Kunst in Enschede during Gogbot Festival 2021, at Roodkapje in Rotterdam, and featured in the essay Queering The Machine Eye by Yasmin Morgan. A 3D render of the installation can be viewed on Vimeo.