The AI meets Design toolkit is a set of tools for each step of the design (thinking) process to help designers turn AI into social, user, and business value. It’s available for download at

For the past few months I’ve been researching the intersection of AI and design (thinking), how to make AI more accessible, and what it might mean to design human-centered AI applications.

My motivation was to make AI more accessible and multi-disciplinary. During my research about the role of designers in building AI products, and my own learning process of grasping this knowledge without (much of) a technical background, I began shaping these tools that build a designer understanding of AI and integrate AI with the design (thinking) process.

The AI meets Design toolkit was featured in an article by Google and MLUX (Machine Learning User Experience Meetup)‘s Michelle Carney published on Medium. I’m honored to be in this list alongside organizations like Google,, Spotify, Microsoft, and many of the projects that have been hugely influential to my research and practice. 🙏

I’d love to hear what you think and if/how this might be useful in your practice 🙂