Flowers & Fire Yoga Garden is a yoga studio in Gili Air with daily classes and community events, a whole foods cafe, and luxury bungalow accommodation. 2 months after the opening, I joined for a month to help with digital marketing, branding, and business design

Some of the brand assets I designed for F&F:

“It is hard to find words to adequately describe what an asset Nadia has been to my business. Multi-skilled on so many levels Nadia added value on the level of design, digital marketing strategies, copy and business strategy – from tips on business structure, team building and effective communication to market targeting.

Nadia was that magic freelancer who not only met but exceeded my expectations on all levels – wowing me constantly with her integrity in her work ethic, her clever and creative solutions, her quick results, her deep knowledge of all things digital, her ability to streamline systems providing methods to simplify clunky and overly complex operational approaches, her ability to support me in my role as company director by reducing my stress through her excellent outcomes, her wonderfully calm and respectful nature, her quick mind and innate intelligence and her extremely likeable personality.

I would make room for her to come back and join us in a flash (in fact, am still begging for her to return to us in a longer term capacity). If you are lucky enough to have an opportunity to work with her – do not miss it. She will not only add value to your business but also to your state of mind as manager/business owner. Nadia is the real deal- that golden ticket we are all looking for in freelancers and dreaming of in our permanent staff teams.” – Emily Christian, founder & creative director

My work included:
• Developing a set of consistent visual branding materials. All were made as templates so that staff could easily edit the poster themselves and use them for a variety of events
• Curating and writing ‘The Modern Yogi’s Guide to Gili Air’ article
• Editing copy to be more web-friendly (scannable and SEO-optimized)
• Business coaching and helping Emily grow & shape her beautiful business