The brief
Working as a design researcher at Bit, we worked together with SURFsara to map the current ecosystem and factors in sharing privately-owned data for research purposes.

The approach & deliverable
Informed by qualitative interviews across the layers of organizations that owned data, and the researchers potentially benefitting from access to data, we mapped the current workflows, factors, and players around data sharing. A market scan including a competitor analysis indicated a handful of gaps between the user needs and current tools available. We translated these insights into a design spec prioritizing which user jobs and features were most important to develop in order to stimulate data exchange. We visualized the research findings into a data exchange report.

The impact
The research contributed to the ongoing Data Exchange project by SURFsara which forms the basis for a new service.

The team
I was one of two design researchers on the project. I was co-responsible for designing the research, doing interviews, synthesizing insights, aligning and co-creating with the client, and presenting the final results.

About Bit
Bit is a research and prototyping studio run by 50 young tech talents, on a mission to fast-forward the impact of emerging tech.