How can we democratize access to AI and leverage its capabilities to create a positive impact? How can we design for human values in algorithmic systems?

Nadia Piet has recently published a toolkit to help designers create for machine intelligence and to inspire people to leverage machine learning within the context of the users.

In this Change Makers episode, we talk about the process that led to this toolkit, what makes a good user experience, the creative responsibility, the polarised view we often have about tech, and the intersection of AI and design.

1:54 Personal story and journey
6:38 Getting comfortable with change
10:30 Designing for human values in algorithmic systems
16:06 What makes a good user experience?
20:00 How can companies implement a user-centered approach?
26:05 The responsibility of a designer
29:22 Balance between creative responsibility and business revenue
38:35 How will AI change the job market?
44:19 A polarised view on technology
45:11 We tend to personify AI
49:56 The intersection of AI and design
55:48 Personal aspiration