Alternative Interfacing with A/V Archives [Researcher in Residence @ Beeld & Geluid]

ClientBeeld & GeluidYear2023SkillsDesign Research, Academic Writing, Workshop Facilitation

IMG: Richard Vijgen, ‘The Future Through Artificial Eyes’, 2021. Picture: Aad Hoogendoorn. Source:

I’m very excited to announce that I’m working with the incredible team at Beeld & Geluid as their researcher-in-residence throughout 2023!

The project is looking into future emerging and alternative ways of interfacing with audio-visual archives, exploring themes such as generous interfaces, polyvocal collections, algorithmically-enriched metadata, and archival installations, and picking apart use cases across all these themes.

To help me in this journey, I’m looking for interesting and novel use cases or inspiration sources around archival practice ad interaction with audio-visual material, as well as inspiring people to interview who work or think in the space. If you do, please get in touch!