UX of AI Workshop @ Design Matters, Copenhagen

I was honored to be part of the line-up for Design Matters 2021 in Copenhagen. I hosted a workshop for 120 participants on the topic of UX of AI (loosely based on the e-book I wrote with Adyen & AWWWARDS).

UX of AI: 9 considerations for UX designers when designing adaptive, intelligent, and semi-autonomous systems

“In the same way that designing an event poster is different from designing a mobile app, designing AI/ML-driven applications is different from designing mobile apps. Designing the user experience of adaptive, intelligent, and semi-autonomous systems present a range of new challenges for us designers to take on. This workshop looks at exactly that – ranging from interactions around explainability and user feedback mechanisms, to greater ethical challenges such as echo chambers and data bias.

In this session, you’ll follow a quick introduction with hands-on exercises to re-imagine the user experience of familiar algorithmic systems. Using the challenges as a lens, you’ll explore with Nadia potential user needs when interacting with AI and prototype new ways of meeting them. If you’re looking to deepen your understanding and practice how to bring UX practices into the AI process, this one is for you!”