IMG: Fritzchens Fritz / Better Images of AI / GPU shot etched 2 / CC-BY 4.0

80% of the designers interviewed expressed a frustration with the lack of design-focused resources on AI. While designers play a huge role in shaping AI applications, the emerging opportunities & challenges of AI from the perspective of digital product / service / experience designers are nascent.

Based on all input, I’ve put together this Designer’s (and other Creative Non-Techies) Guide to AI & Machine Learning.

What to expect:
🤖8 signs to spot AI opportunities in current projects & what-if brainstorm prompts based on ML capabilities
🤖30+ case studies across industries of AI applications beyond the familiar recommender systems
🤖6 entirely new types of interactions enabled by AI (affective, anticipatory, agentive, smart things, post-pixel, deep personalization)
🤖an overview of design challenges – ranging from UI to ethics
🤖6 AI ‘games’ you can play in your browser
🤖questions to help assess feasibility, viability, and desirability of AI ideas
🤖library of AI x Design resources ranging from videos, Medium posts to academic papers

Let’s shift the narrative from a tech to a human-centered one. I hope it’s of value to you and if so, please pass it on. Enjoy!