Last week Anne Hospers invited me to be a guest on her @campbluff podcast for and by creative, young, entrepreneurial women. Honoured and a little nervous, of course we went for it.
It ended up being a fun and heartfelt talk across a wide range of topics. The title ultimately reading me “on tech, hip hop and mental health” means Anne somehow got to the core of what I care about. Thank you Anne for the talk and all the kind words and beautiful graphics accompanying the episode – you’re a badass.
You can listen to the podcast now on Spotify (link in bio or search my name) or your favorite podcast app. Disclaimer: It is in Dutch though. I’d love to hear your thoughts, impressions, or questions if you end up listening in 🌱

8: Nadia Piet – Strategic + service designer on tech, hiphop and mental health

Nadia started her freelance career as a teenager building website for neighboring businesses and family friends. Today Nadia engages in all sorts of interesting things and can’t be put in a box. This young woman is currently exploring Artificial Intelligence for her thesis with Accenture, while facilitating workshops for corporates on emerging technologies, and in the past she develop a successful education program fusing personal and professional development for students.

In this interview Nadia talks about what the world of hiphop meant to her in a time she struggled to find connection in her village, about personal branding and the ego, her India adventure, about generational differences, her changing views on success, and why she’s so open about her depressions.