My millennial mental health project set out to explore and develop tangible solutions to help young people establish and maintain their mental health in the 21st century. The focus was on integrating mental hygiene practice into the public education system of The Netherlands. Although a wicked issue in itself, I truly believe in the importance of this issue and am determined to contribute in whichever way I can.

The booklet below is the final product of my design research project with The School Of Life Amsterdam on the topic, and presents a summary of my concluding findings to anyone thatā€™s interested in mental health. Essentially everyone should learn about mental hygiene as we do about physical, the fact we lack this knowledge has major implications, and integration of such skills within public education, although incredibly challenging to manifest, would benefit society at large. Thatā€™s it in a nutshell but should you like to read more, theĀ digital version is here. Comments, questions and collaborations are welcomed.