Together with Viraj Joshi, we created “The Utopia Compass” proposing a more-than-human parliament for post-anthropocene politics in response to the UN & Design Futures open call on Futuring Peace.

“The Utopia Compass” is a Speculative Design film by Viraj Joshi and Nadia Piet in response to the UN & Design Futures open call on Futuring Peace

In August 2020, the United Nations Department of Political and Peacebuilding Affairs and Design Futures Initiative partnered on an open call inviting (speculative) visions for future peacebuilding. Having just finished our collaborative Postcard from the Future, Viraj and I took this opportunity to turn our thoughts and criticisms of the world into something constructive.

We feel excited and honored to be recognized amongst the Honourable / Noteworthy Mentions for the open call. In this article, we want to share our speculative artefacts, and a bit of the process and principles underlying them.

Nadia Piet and Viraj Joshi present to you: “The Utopia Compass”. Done in two narrative parts, “A Parliament Beyond Nations”, brings sorely missing voices of the strongest forces driving change into discussion, and “Listen to Yourself” is a case for including strong ethics, values, and principles in all kinds of discourse. Besides the film, the ideas and design principles presented in the story are also captured in the series of posters below.

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