This chatbot helped me interview designers about their views on AI/ML through Messenger to scale up my research scope and bring in more perspectives. It’s hardly intelligent and follows a simple decision tree logic but people enjoyed its Cardi and Seinfeld GIFs.

To scale up my thesis research and bring in more perspectives than those I’m able to harvest first-hand, I decided to build a little chatbot as my research assistant. He’s hardly intelligent (just decision trees responses really), but does speak Cardi, Seinfeld, and the Office GIFs ✨✨

If you’re a designer or digital creative, please have a chat with him at Machine Learning for Designers and share your views on the intersection of design x AI to help map and advance this field. It won’t take you more than 3 minutes, will get you thinking, you’ll sponsor my graduation, and you’ll be among the first to receive my Designers’ Guide to AI 🙏🙏

I built the bot using Chatfuel, free and super easy. Much recommended if you want to DIY.