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AI meets Design Toolkit 🤖🎨

The AI meets Design toolkit is a set of tools for each step of the design (thinking) process to help designers turn AI into social, user, and business value. Aiming to bridge the gap between design and AI/ML, it is the result of 6-months of design research in collaboration with MOBGEN | Accenture Interactive.

Hackers & Designers Summer Academy ‘Coded Bodies’ Zine

As part of the Hackers & Designers summer academy '19, I decided to make a thematic mini-zine in 5 hours. These 4 pages explore transhumanism and how recent tech developments affect (perception of) human bodies. It includes real examples and impromptu commentary across notions of birth, death, brains, bodies, and evolution.

Speculative Design Workshop

During this speculative design workshop, we explored potential future user experiences with intelligent agents and algorithmic systems. I shared the full agenda and reflections in a Medium post.

GANschach: an exploration of human and machine visual perception

An exploration of human and machine visual perception and pattern recognition through AttnGAN-generated images. It's called GANschach - a play on Rotschach - as it brings underlying and unconscious patterns to the surface.

Chatbot Research Assistant

This chatbot helped me interview designers about their views on AI/ML through Messenger to scale up my research scope and bring in more perspectives. It's hardly intelligent and follows a simple decision tree logic but people enjoyed its Cardi and Seinfeld GIFs.

A call for systems change to enable calm tech at Ladies that UX Amsterdam

Today's attention economy dictates most of our tech's design principles. That's why we need to design a system that makes way for what otherwise remains an ideology - calm tech - to be adopted and implemented. I did this talk for Ladies That UX Amsterdam's event on Calm Tech.

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