Facilitate an interactive workshop going through the Design Thinking process with the regional government of Valencia, Spain. Two participants of the team I facilitated were so kind as to write me a testimonial:

“I have met Nadia as a trainer in a workshop on business innovation and I think she is a very knowledgeable person about it with great human qualities that can generate a good integration of the group. I recommend her for issues related to innovation management.” – Alejandro Mendoza Gamiño, Ph.D Innovation Management (Mexico)

“Despite the very short time I had to meet Nadia (4 hours during a training session in Valencia), getting to collaborate with her in the workshops was a very interesting, productive and satisfying experience. One can notice her enthusiasm and energy in everything she’s doing. I can also imagine that ‘impossible’ is not in her personal dictionary.” – Enrique de la Cruz, Innovation Project Leader at Everis (Valencia, Spain)