Currently I am ..

• working on my millennial mental health project in which I try develop solutions to integrate mental health promotion into public education, and elsewhere, while offering myself as a mental health advocate and advisor on the topic
• designing and teaching a 4-month program on passion and strength-driven entrepreneurship to 25 awesome students
• studying to get my bachelor degree in International Business Innovation Studies and being a poster child of the course
• trying to up my blogging game and share bits and pieces of my journey (clickclick if curious)
• doing an internship with The School Of Life (Amsterdam)
• tackling the facilitation, speaking, consulting and coaching gigs I have going at the time (such as those in my portfolio)
• reading too many blogs, thinking about the future, traveling when I can and meeting with awesome people along the way


Instead of introducing myself, I want to show you this medley of video testimonials in which I ask the people I interact with daily how they experience working with me and having me around. I created this as an application for a hackaton and was so humbled by the responses, I extended it to be my introduction here. So, hello : )


Although my life and work encompass a wide variety of activities, I have managed to channel my many passions into a handful of services with which I believe I can help people and businesses. Some examples of that are to be found below. And if you're interested in working together, do reach out.


Do you want to live and work on your own terms, in harmony with (and ultimately, capitalizing on) the rapidly changing world around us? Are you ready to take ownership of your life, one day - one month - one step at a time? Do you want to redefine what success means to you, and then go out to get that? If this sounds like a journey you’d like to embark on, consider getting me as your very own coach and hype woman to guide you along every step of your saga.

Innovation Consultancy

Could you use some help in figuring out how to engage your (millennial) employees? Would you like to explore which of recent technological, cultural, economical and societal trends your business could exploit? Are you wondering how you're going to not only survive, but thrive, in a disruptive industry such as yours? Perhaps I can help. Invite me for a company visit and let's start exploring the opportunities.

Teaching & Facilitation

Do you agree that life skills would be well of integrated in public education? Do you believe emotional intelligence is as, if not more, crucial than cognitive intelligence in order to succeed in life? Do you witness all the human potential wasted to insecurities and fear? I have developed and taught a course consisting of multiple workshops in self-leadership, focusing on personal and professional growth as well as self-care.


Henrik Hovgaard Futurist & Director at Future Navigator, Copenhagen
"My experience working with Nadia Piet is great. Nadia helped my evolve the FutureGraphic model and her insights and ideas were very valuable to the concept development. She applied empathy and a user-centered design approach which gave rise to fresh perspectives. She is self-motivated, self-guided and able to work with very limited guidance. I highly recommend Nadia."
Saher Sidom Business Futurist & Founder of Hackmasters, London

”She brought tons of positive energy to the hackweek and encouraged collaboration between the team members, trying to bring people together and on the same page. Nadia lacks nothing to become a great leader.”

Sandra Reeb-Gruber Curriculum Director of International Business Innovation Studies, Amsterdam

"Nadia seems to be a born mentor (she is more than a teacher in the traditional sense); people look for her help on many topics and she willingly and freely shares whatever knowledge and experience she has gained. Her preparation of the curriculum and the classes was very organized and meticulous and showed true understanding of the IBIS Educational Philosophy."