Hey you! How nice to see you here.
I am passionate and optimistic about shaping the future of work, education and life through facilitating people's and organization's transition from one state into the new. After all "the best way to predict the future is to create it”. My days encompass a wide variety of passions and on this site, you'll find out how I channel all that into my work. I hope you enjoy reading about my projects as much as I did undertaking them and if you do, don't be shy to reach out : )

What makes me?

My modus operandi is a mix of design and business thinking, and doing, from a future-focused and human-centered perspective. I am led by my curiosity and hunger for growth, and care deeply about understanding and helping people and society at large. Others would characterize me by my eclecticism, my get-shit-done attitude, contagious energy, my passion for making ideas accessible and how I’m always empowering those around me to reach their potential. Ultimately, I just hope to make a positive impact through my work and being, and have fun in the process.

What do I make?

My passions express themselves in many forms such as consulting, human-centered design, business and organizational design, concept development, teaching, facilitating and educational design, speaking and coaching. Past experiences have also included online marketing, music management, event management, blogging and freelance (web)design. I identify as a multipotentialite and wish to continue expanding my skills and exploring different disciplines as my career progresses. Tangible examples of my work are found below, and in my portfolio.

Proof of the pudding.

You don't have to take my word for it. Feel free to look around and view the fruits of my labor.

Currently I am ..

• doing service and experience design for the boutique co-working space Ministry of New in Mumbai
• facilitating Innovation_inaday workshops with technology education company DECODED
• managing the team building partnerships between the Business Innovation studies and the business world
• studying to get my bachelor degree in Business Innovation (+ open to a thesis opportunity)
• tackling whichever (freelance) jobs I have at the time
• sending out a monthly curated newsletter with my favorite stories of the month
• writing and sharing the occasional pieces on my blog
• watching too many TED talks, thinking about the future and connecting with fellow travelers along the way

Beyond the text.

In addition to text, I have this medley of video testimonials in which I ask people I interact with daily how they experience working with me and having me around. I created it as an application for a hackweek and was so humbled by the responses, I decided to also share it here. So, hi there!

Don't take it from me.

Henrik Hovgaard Futurist & Director at Future Navigator, Copenhagen
"My experience working with Nadia Piet is great. Nadia helped my evolve the FutureGraphic model and her insights and ideas were very valuable to the concept development. She applied empathy and a user-centered design approach which gave rise to fresh perspectives. She is self-motivated, self-guided and able to work with very limited guidance. I highly recommend Nadia."
Saher Sidom Business Futurist & Founder of Hackmasters, London

”She brought tons of positive energy to the hackweek and encouraged collaboration between the team members, trying to bring people together and on the same page. Nadia lacks nothing to become a great leader.”

Sandra Reeb-Gruber Curriculum Director of International Business Innovation Studies, Amsterdam

"Nadia seems to be a born mentor (she is more than a teacher in the traditional sense); people look for her help on many topics and she willingly and freely shares whatever knowledge and experience she has gained. Her preparation of the curriculum and the classes was very organized and meticulous and showed true understanding of the IBIS Educational Philosophy."