CHALLENGE: Innovative solutions to improve the customer experience on the airport and potentially make it a memorable one. We decided to focus on one of the biggest pains in airport and overall travel journeys: delays. We combined this with an insight we gained from our own experiences. We discovered that there are many interesting facilities around the airport neither of us knew about such as a library, an indoor park and a Rijksmuseum, which are then underutilized resources.

SOLUTION: A service called Explore Schiphol, which creates a custom itinerary with interesting facilities, shops and other activities around the the airport based on the interests, needs and time available to the user. Besides entertainment, offering a support system for those misfortunate with a delay shows care and will make a lasting impression on the visitor.

RESULT: Detailed mapping of each touchpoint and step in the customer journey, wireframes for the interfaces and a proposal with 3 alternative or complimentary routes for implementation along with a prospective low-investment approach to pilot the concept.