The Tika presents: Slum Village in Sugarfactory, Amsterdam. This was The Tika’s (my global Hip Hop blog/platform) first event in which I took care of all booking, promotion and production tasks. This included but was not restricted to contacting venues and negotiating conditions, organizing accommodation, transport and complying with the rider, assembling a team for the night and select an opening act (Da Shogunz), DJ (Turne), flyer designer (Jasper Staal), hosts (Madd Son & Sandra), backstage manager (Suzanne van den Belt), a video crew (Careface productions) and photographers (Vanity Wezer & Farren van Wyk), marketing and promotion of the show through flyering, posters, social media campaigns, interviews, radio and word-of-mouth and the budgeting, creating and guarding the time-table.