Sadije Bunjaku
Program & Planning at The School of Life, Amsterdam

“Working with Nadia is great! Not only is she highly motivated and enthusiastic, she’s also always willing to improve herself and acquires new skills in a very short time. Nadia pays attention and is forthcoming with useful feedback and new ideas. She has a high sense of responsibility and will not rest until a task is performed perfectly.”

Alejandro Mendoza Gamiño
Ph.D Innovation Management, Mexico
“I have met Nadia as a trainer in a workshop on business innovation and I think she is a very knowledgeable person about it with great human qualities that can generate a good integration of the group. I recommend her for issues related to innovation management.”
Enrique de la Cruz
Innovation Project Leader at Everis, Valencia, Spain
“Despite the very short time I had to meet Nadia (4 hours during a training session in Valencia), getting to collaborate with her in the workshops was a very interesting, productive and satisfying experience. One can notice her enthusiasm and energy in everything she’s doing. I can also imagine that ‘impossible’ is not in her personal dictionary.”
Henrik Hovgaard
Futurist & Director at Future Navigator, Copenhagen
“My experience working with Nadia Piet is great. Nadia helped my evolve the FutureGraphic model and her insights and ideas were very valuable to the concept development. She applied empathy and a user-centered design approach which gave rise to fresh perspectives. She is self-motivated, self-guided and able to work with very limited guidance. I highly recommend Nadia.”
Saher Sidom
Business Futurist & Founder of Hackmasters, London

”She brought tons of positive energy to the hackweek and encouraged collaboration between the team members, trying to bring people together and on the same page. Nadia lacks nothing to become a great leader.”

Willem Viets
Dean of IBIS, Amsterdam
“Dynamic, energetic, resourceful. I think having Nadia on your team is a real asset.”
Myron Laagland
Product Manager KPN Compleet at KPN
“Thanks for the report on our company culture. Very good observations and some really nice suggestions!”
Diletta Dissegna
Participant in my self-leadership workshop
‘’I loved the atmosphere in this workshop, I felt in a safe place and I felt I was understood. It was good to organise my goals and understand how to go for it, taking small steps and connecting them with my habits. I wish this workshop could be in my class. It would help a lot of people! Thanks Nadia.’ 
Tudor Mihai
Participant in my self-leadership workshop
‘’I believe this course needs to be seen as a necessity for modern society in order to make this world a happier place to live in.’’
Sandra Reeb-Gruber
Curriculum Director & Founder of IBIS (International Business Innovation Studies) at Hogeschool Inholland, Amsterdam
“Nadia seems to be a born mentor (she is more than a teacher in the traditional sense); people look for her help on many topics and she willingly and freely shares whatever knowledge and experience she has gained. She can challenge me to let her teach something any time!
During her first year at international Business Innovation Studies, where she had to take a mandatory course on HTML, Nadia pretty much challenged us (as management of the study program) to let her teach the course next time around; she could do better than the teachers we had put in front of her, she said… A bold statement by a first year student! But we like bold at IBIS, and Nadia was convincing! So we took her up on her own challenge and hired her to teach the new Webdesign (with WordPress) course for the next generation of first year students (academic year 2015-2016). Her preparation was very organized and meticulous and showed true understanding of the IBIS Educational Philosophy. She stayed open to suggestions and/or requests on our part, althewhile clearly being the expert on the subject matter. She executed the course pretty much singlehandedly (3 full classes of 1st year students, including assessment) while also taking classes in her own 2nd year curriculum; something many more seasoned teachers would not necessarily imitate effortlessly.”
Frederika Yohana
My Assistant in the WordPress class
“Nadia Piet is a mind-blowingly amazing person. At such a young age she managed to teach her peers such a complex subject, making it one of the funnest, yet informative, class. She has passion for what she does and that’s what makes her work quality great! It is a pleasure to work for Nadia, every class left me both impressed and inspired”
Vera Jordan
Student of my WordPress class
“Nadia as a teacher? For me she is more than that! She doesn’t only have the power to make everyone listen but also to make the whole class understand. By explaining digital processes, using her own experiences as well as discussing individual problems made me develop my web design skills faster than expected. Learning from Nadia means to learn relevant content every future innovator should know about. Her fine way of addressing her students made all contents easy to understand and clear to actually execute. I really enjoyed working with her and I wish her all possible success for the future.”
Youri Hommen
Student of my WordPress class
“Passion, determination, no nonsense and playful. These are the words the pop up in my mind when I think about Nadia. I have experienced Nadia as a friend and a teacher. The way she is able to be your teacher but at the same time be close to you is remarkable, and in my experience, unique. For me, Nadia has been a source of inspiration ever since I met her, she is being herself in any situation and because of that one of the most down to earth persons I ever met, which actually helped me as a person to be more true to myself.”