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[su_dropcap style=”flat”]I[/su_dropcap]nstead of introducing myself, I want to show you this medley of video testimonials in which I ask the people I interact with daily how they experience working with me and having me around. I created this as an application for a hackaton and was so humbled by the responses, I extended it to be my introduction here. So, hello : )[/su_animate]
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After a year of marketing and media studies following high school graduation, I decided to carve a different path and moved to Sydney, Australia in late 2011. In my time there I started The Tika, a global Hip Hop culture blog which grew out to be a community with events and merchandise and one of my biggest sources of learning in the years to follow. I travelled for 3 months around SE Asia before I returned to The Netherlands where I began to work in the Hip Hop and music scene. I also applied myself to some nerdy computer gigs, until I managed to land a challenging 9-to-5 online marketing job in late 2012.

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As my skillset and entrepreneurial spirit expanded, I started to take on freelance work in webdesign, branding and music management. I became responsible for all customer and communication affairs of independent Hip Hop record label Da Shogunz, which eventually included customer support, web and graphic design, user experience design and product and business management. Late 2013, I relocated to Edmonton, Canada for a few months to strengthen international bonds and returned afterwards to Utrecht to manage Da Shogunz and continue to freelance over the summer.


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In fall 2014, I decided to enroll in the unconventional bachelor studies in International Business Innovation in Amsterdam that has since been the leading factor of my day to day life and directed me on a new track. Ever since, I have worked as a UI/UX designer for a edutech startup, as an all round intern for a futurist design and technology company in London, tackling a variety of client challenges and full-blown innovation projects. Recently, I’ve taken up teaching Web Design as part of the core curriculum to the first years of the course.


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Right now, I aim to operate at the intersection of people, business, design and technology and apply myself to inspiring projects in a team with amazing people all around the globe. With my broad range of interests (exponential technologies, travel, culture, music, psychology, philosophy and more), I am always exploring my passions and potential and look to work in places where my proactive and polymathic nature are encouraged.
Follow or be part of my saga as I strive, struggle and succeed on my journey to greatness.

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I am always open to refreshing projects and new challenges so if you see possibilities of working together or have any questions, just hit me up below and we’ll speak soon ..



Thank you for visiting. Peace & Prosperity!